Working What You Got  - 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Sporting A Cheeky Brazilian Bikini

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Let's face it. It is not easy being a girl. We live in a superficial, judgmental world where women are still objectified and we are constantly forced to be conscious about how we look and what we wear.

Hence when it comes to Bikinis, every girl immediately gets conscious of their body image, especially their bum, hips and tummy. Given the circumstances this is completely understandable and can often eat away our deepest levels of self-esteem.

So with the empowerment of women in mind, we have come up with 8 ideas on how you can feel great, look your sexiest and build your self-confidence rocking a cheeky cut Brazilian bikini.


 1. It’s all about working what you got and getting a bikini that matches the counter of your body shape making you look more flattering and skinnier both front and back. Buying a bikini with a regular cut that has maximum coverage and looks like a diaper doesn’t help you in anyway and only highlights what you’re trying to hide. Stretch marks, Cellulite, Big hips or bum fat. Don’t worry you’re better off working what you got and accepting your flaws.

regular_vs_Brazilian_bikini_cut.jpgRegular cut versus Brazilian cut. This photo speaks for itself.  #nobrainer


2. This doesn’t mean you should go and buy a full-on G String Bikini. Do your research, it’s all about the cut.

We find that the most flattering cuts are Tanga bikini bottoms with a  Scrunch Back like these styles below:tanga_brazilian_bikini_bottom.jpgFrom left to right: PAKALA bottoms, LAWAI bottoms & MANIHI bottoms 


3.No one likes ugly tan lines.  Rocking a cheeky cut bikini allows you to say good-bye to white bums and a tanned bum will always reduce the visual appearance of any stretch marks or Cellulite.


4. Any bikini with a scrunch back or Tanga cut always look visually more appealing on any girl period.

5. Another great thing about Brazilian style bikinis is that they always stay on better in the surf or other activities.

You won't have to worry  about your bikini bottoms coming off when duckdiving anymore - PC: Richard  Kotch for Kaloea 


6. You feel great in your Brazilian bikini. It empowers you with self-confidence and keeps you motivated to stay in shape and healthy all year round.

7.If you’re a surf, wake, SUP or Windsurfer Girl. Brazilian style bikinis are the the best bikinis to wear underneath most new design wetsuits as they won’t stick out.

8.You’ll be a trendsetter. Most girls only dream about seeing their bum looking sexy in a Brazilian cut bikini but few turn it into a reality. Take it on girls you won’t regret it!

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Remember we are all imperfect and we’re wired for struggle but you’re worthy of love and belonging so don’t try and win over the haters. The one thing you’re not is a jackass whisperer ;)


With love,


The Kaloea team

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