Why Every Surfer Girl Needs A Brazilian Bikini To Rip In!

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You're a true surfer girl. You've got a toned surfer body, you're in rippin' form and you love getting out catching fun waves, but you're sick of your bikini bottoms always falling off and your top always ending up around your face!

How do you stop this? What do all the other girls do? What should you do?  

Take you boyfriend's advice and get yourself a new Brazilian Bikini! I know, you thought he had ulterior motives for suggesting it, and he probably does. But he's right, it is sexy and cheeky in a subltle way but most imporatantly it's the best style of bikini for surfing.

It's true, a Brazilian Bikini will stay on when you're charging bomb sets, going over the falls or getting smashed in the impact zone! Trust us we've seriously tested them....

brazilian_surf_bikini.jpgPhoto by Richard Kotch for KALOEA Surf Bikini (Maldives) 


Why are they the best ? Three key reasons: 

  • No frills or excess fabric which means the water has less chance to drag or rip them off
  • A Brazilian Bikini with a scrunch back will stick better to your bum.
  • Brazilian bikinis have a tight fit and you want to find one with strong elastics, we even suggest going down a size.

Bikini Bonus: 
It's also the sexiest thing on the beach! After all, you're not always in the surf, you also like spending time on the beach chilling with your girls, basking in the sun and getting a sunskissed skin with no ugly tan lines. 


Want to find the perfect new Brazilian Surf Bikini for your next holiday? 

Here's some inspiration for you! Check out the new Kaloea Mesh Bikini collection available in a range of different colours like Sunset Pink,Tropical Blue, Lime, Iris and basic Black

Shop Brazilian Bikinis | Kaloea Bikini

Happy bikini browsing! :) 

Sending Good Vibes from Tahiti,



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