Surf Travel Inspo | Why A Surf Trip To The Maldives Is More Than Just A Holiday

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We recently went on a surf trip to the Maldives staying at Lohis and discovered it was much more than just a holiday.

We’ve done a fair bit of travelling in the past but this trip made us realize how important it is to seek out you dream adventure destinations and do whatever it takes to make it happen!


Why you ask?

Because life is ridiculously short. Great things never came from comfort zones and you weren’t born to be a robot stuck in the daily grind!

But as if that's a good enough reason to drop a boat load of cash on a surf trip!  So to dive deeper into this topic, here is what we learnt and what you’ll really get out of a surf trip to the Maldives:

It's going to transform your surfing

The waves are friendly, easy to read and perfect for improving the specific areas of your surfing that you want to focus on. 

The reefs aren’t too sharp allowing you to charge harder. 

There’s heaps of surf breaks and options.

Lohis has the best setup. Guests have exclusive resort access to the perfect lefthander out the front and the viewing deck is the coolest place to hang on the resort. The guests are always super cool and friendly and the vibe in the surf is really chilled. Everyone shares waves and spreads the good vibes.

Richard and Amy Kotch are fantastic surf guides.  They know the region inside out and will ensure you get to surf the best waves with the least amount of crowds as well as give you useful tips to improve your surfing. At the end of your trip Richard will have some sick photos of you that you can purchase and use to review your progression throughout the trip.


Surf testing our new Tropical Blue Mesh FAKARAVA surf top & LAWAI surf bottom at Lohis YEW!


 It will teach you about your relationship 

A couples holiday to the Maldives sounds like the most romantic idea ever and you know what, it is! However, any couples holiday can be a big test and this is amplified when staying on a tropical island where there is no escape ;)

When you stay at Lohis it’s all inclusive so you don’t need to worry about a thing. This means there is hours of time for pleasure, fun and activities. You’ll quickly learn if you are truly right for each other because as Plato said “you learn more about your partner in an hour of play then you do in 100 hours of conversation”.

You’ll also discover if your partner can really look after you. Sunburnt and crispy with salty blood shot eyes and an aching body, will your partner be there to rub down your roasted bum cheeks or massage your shoulders after a big day in the sun and surf? 



Couples that duckive together.... PC: Richard Kotch


It's time to disconnect from the world 

It’s really hard to do but if you can have the discipline to completely disconnect from the world and turn off your phone and laptop you won’t regret it. 

Read a book, play games, surf, snorkel, take photos, go sailing, ride jet skis. Enjoy your time there and leave everything else behind. 

Remember you’re more then just an Ant forming part of a colony. 



This is where your iPhone belongs on a holiday.


Other Insights 

If you can do two weeks. It’s a long way to come and you want to make sure you get waves! 

Bring your camera and make sure you have a zoom lens.

Bring heaps of chocolates and snacks with you so you have plenty of snack food in between surfs. 

Always bring a step up board. Seriously this place can go off. 

Guys if she’s twitching…. Don’t forget the ring or your balls with a good explanation if you’re not going to drop the bomb ;)

Make sure you take plenty of bikinis with you that you can surf and free dive in. Check out our latest range here and this video:



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