Where In The World Can You Wear Cheeky Bikinis?

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Have you ever felt out of place in your cheeky bikini and wished you knew before putting it on in your hotel room that you'd be the center of attention at the beach?  Here's the video you need to watch before booking your next beach holiday.

Bikini cultures vary from one region to another, mostly influenced by religion and cultural heritage. Some countries are extremely liberal towards swimwear, others can be open to cheeky bikinis while still following  conservative swimwear trends while a vast majority of muslim countries are still trying to get their head around the concept of swimwear itself and the idea that a woman might want to show off her skin at the beach. 

For Brazilian bikini addicts like us, it's always good to come prepared and know what to expect when travelling to a new destination.  So we thought we'd put together a video to explain where Brazilian bikinis can be worn safely and comfortably in different areas of the world. 


KEY TAKEAWAYS from the video

1. Cheeky bikinis are the norm in LATIN AMERICA  

Brazilian bikinis are highly popular in Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and pretty much everywhere in South America! Latina women love showing off their curves in cheeky bikinis, especially in Brazil where you will feel like the odd one out if you decide to wear regular cut bottoms!  Our recommendation: GO CHEEKY!


2. The Brazilian bikini revolution has started in NORTH AMERICA 

If most of the United States remain conservative, swimwear trends are slowly evolving towards smaller cut bottoms. Cheeky bikinis are all over social media and the Teen Culture seems to love them, especially in California and Florida.  Our recommendation: California and Florida are "cheeky bikini" friendly, however be prepared to get some looks if you wear a revealing bikini in other states. 


3. Cheeky bikinis are common in HAWAII & FRENCH POLYNESIA

Local populations have adopted the Brazilian bikini trend - Tahitian vahines also love going topless! - so feel free to rock your cheeky bottoms there.   Our recommendation: GO CHEEKY but beware of the reef when you surf or you might end up with a nice polynesian tattoo on your butt ;) 


4. Cheeky bikini are welcome in CENTRAL AMERICA as well as on most islands THE CARIBBEANS and THE PACIFIC.

These regions are home to many conservative catholic countries where the bikini culture is still backwards - in countries like Belize or Guatemala some women swim in their clothes! Having said that, none of these countries have restrictions on swimwear and everyone is free to wear what they want so feel free to go cheeky if you like, just keep in mind that you'll quickly identify as a tourist if you do so! Our recommendation:  if you don't mind being the only girl on the beach that wears a cheeky bikini you're sweet, otherwise you might want to leave your bikini in your suitcase.  Note that touristy destinations like Cancun (Mexico) or the pacific coast of Costa Rica are exceptions and wearing a cheeky bikini there is more common. 

5. Cheeky bikinis are welcome in SOUTH EAST ASIA too

 What we said in .4  applies to buddhist countries in South East Asia where the bikini culture is still conservative but local cultures not restrictive towards swimwear. Our recommendation: as long as you feel comfortable being in the minority,  you can definitely wear a cheeky bikini without being stared at. Thailand is the best place yo wear cheeky bikinis in South East Asia.


6. The Brazilian bikini revolution hasn't hit EUROPE yet  

Even though going topless is widely spread and accepted in Europe, it's quite unusual for women to wear revealing bikinis, except on the Black Sea coast in countries like Romania, Bulgaria,Ukraine and Russia where cheeky bikinis have been around for years. However, swimwear trends are slowly changing with the influence of social media and the rise of a new Teen Culture influenced by the U.S. Our recommendation: Be prepared to be frowned upon in most European countries, but you could get away with wearing a tiny bikini in party towns around  Mediterranean (Mykonos, Ibiza, St Tropez) and at events like Yacht Week. 


7. Muslim countries are strongly against revealing swimwear

In 2013, the UAE police fined tourists for wearing cheeky bikinis on the beach of Dubai. They eventually lifted the bikini ban but cheeky bikinis remain highly controversial in a vast majority of muslim countries in the MIDDLE EAST and INDONESIA. Some of these countries even have women-only beaches and  women-only beach days" where no men are allowed on the beach so that religious women can relax at the beach without feeling the need to comply to community norms or the fear of sexual harassment.  

Our recommendation: we strongly discourage girls to wear cheeky bikinis in the MIDDLE EAST except in more liberal countries like Turkey and Isreal (Tel Aviv). Bali in INDONESIA is actually mainly buddhist so wearing a cheeky bikini there is fine too!


To conclude, be aware of cultural sensitivities and respect the local bikini culture when you travel. It will save you unwanted attention and drama.

Take care Girls!


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