How to Take Cool & Original Bikini Photos

Posted by Lucy Alexander on May 14, 2018 10:11:00 AM

surf_bikini_how_to_take_cool_original_photos_kaloea.jpgAfter any surf day or beach trip, we always want to look back on our trip and have at least a few great photos to remind us of the fun times. But when you’re around the ocean, you don’t want to be spending all of your time posing for shots, trying to get the lighting and framing of the photo exactly right, and finding the most flattering angle. You want to be out there in the surf, hanging with your friends and making the most of the weather.

Here are our tips for taking amazing bikini photos that don’t look like every other girl’s Instagram posts from last weekend - without wasting precious minutes in the water.

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How To Buy A Brazilian Bikini For Your Girl | The Ultimate Guide For Guys

Posted by Eve From KALOEA on May 28, 2017 5:04:00 PM

Brazilian Bikini Surf Couple

Ok, so it's coming. Maybe it's even tomorrow. Her birthday, no wait it's your anniversary, or maybe you are trying to make up for yet another one of your stuff ups. Whatever the reason, you need a gift idea for your girl and you have no idea where to start. 

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How To Find The Perfect Surf Bikini

Posted by Eve From KALOEA on May 6, 2017 7:21:00 AM

find_perfect_surf_bikini3.jpgPhoto: Bodhi Leigh_Jones for @kaloea

Nothing beats feeling that summer sun on your skin when you're in the line up catching fun waves. The downside? A little too much exposure when that flimsy bikini of yours slips or snaps! 

With so many nice bikinis out there to choose from, it's tempting to buy the first one that catches your eye. That's perfectly fine for a lazy day of sunbathing, but unless you're planning on a slightly "breezier" experience, you might want to look a little harder for a bikini that will survive and stay on through all the action you plan to put it through all the while looking sexy the whole time.

Here are our top tips to look for when trying to find the perfect Surf Bikini:

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Christmas gift ideas for her

Posted by Eve From KALOEA on Apr 20, 2017 9:31:00 PM


HO HO HO... shit! Christmas is coming guys and once again you have to miraculously figure out how to read your girlfriend's mind like some Jedi mind reader, understand her ultimate desires, work out where to find and ultimately how to pay for the perfect Christmas gift for her. 

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Surf Bikini Fitness | How To Keep Your Bikini Body Rocking This Summer

Posted by Eve From KALOEA on Apr 1, 2017 7:50:00 AM

Summer is upon us and it's time to make sure your bikini body is rocking! Don't feel ready yet? Don't stress, follow this simple Surf Bikini fitness guide and healthy eating steps to get rid of that pesky body fat and quickly tone up so that you can enjoy the beach and your ideal bikini body this summer!

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How To Take Killer Action Shots | A Guide For Girls Aspiring To Become Brand Ambassadors

Posted by Eve From KALOEA on Nov 3, 2016 6:32:10 PM

KALOEA Surf Bikinis | Killer Action Shot | Brand Ambassador | Bodhi Kaloea surfer girl Bodhi Leigh-Jones PC: Cam Sinclair

Action Photography is difficult but this is where female ambassadors make the difference these days. 

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The Top 5 Bikini Mistakes You're Making (And How to Fix Them)

Posted by Eve From KALOEA on Oct 20, 2016 4:29:38 PM

bikini-mistakes-kaloea-bikini.jpgEven if you avoid major bikini mistakes and fails, many of us still make simple, avoidable mistakes when we’re choosing, wearing, and taking care of bikinis.

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How to Survive a Bikini Fail

Posted by Lucy Alexander on Sep 20, 2016 4:14:18 PM


Imagine this: you’re out in the water surfing with your friends, enjoying the sunny day. It’s a little on the windy side, and the surf’s pretty big. 

All of a sudden, something you never thought would happen to you actually happens.

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