The Do's & Don'ts Of Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

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We're all about showing a little skin and miniziming our tan lines - at least if you're reading this article it means you're thinking about it! However we all know how challenging finding the perfect Brazilian bikini can be. It's all about finding the bikini that matches who you are, makes you feel great and looking your hottest and fittest at the beach.  

Wearing a cheeky bikini also comes with a few pitfalls, including bikini malfunction and fashion faux-pas.  So before you head out to the beach and to make sure that you're rocking your Brazilian bikini like a boss, check out these key Brazilian bikini DO's and DON'Ts :


Let's start with the Don'ts 


  1. Don't get Brazilian bikini bottoms that look like they are straight out of your lingerie wardrobe, it screams trashy! Make sure you avoid lacing or see-through fabric at all costs. 

  2.  Don't get a full-on G String Bikini. We love brazilian bikini bottoms but let's be honest, the  "dental floss" look is not appealing at all. brazilian_bikini_fail.jpgThis is not looking good.... PC:

  3.  Don't keep frying your booty. If your butt gets burnt, cover up until it recovers and as Aussies would say "slip slop slap" it!

  4. Don't forget to get a perfect Brazilian wax before you hit the beach....  It's a no brainer but easy to forget and could end up being really embarassing.... brazilian_bikini_dont.jpgChecking out your pubs on the beach is NOT ok...Get a Brazilian wax job!  PC: Youtube

  5. Don't go up a size because you don't feel confident wearing your cheeky Brazilian bikini or want more booty coverage. You'll end up with a saggy bikini that doesn't look as flattering and that you will have to readjust all the time. Check Do's #3 for a better solution. 



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Now let's do the Do's 


  1. LBB - Always have a black Brazilian bikini bottom in your wardrobe - especially if this is your first Brazilian bikini purchase. Black works well on any skin tone even when you aren't tanned, it also makes you look skinnier and doesn't stand out so much. 

  2. Scrunch Back - Pick a Brazilian bikini bottom with a scrunch back as it will make your bum look perky and more defined. 

  3. Confidence - Pick a Brazilian bikini design that you will feel confident wearing. Start with a Tanga cut that offers more booty coverage.Brazilian_Bikini_Lagoon.jpg

  4. Do Mix and Match! You'll be surprised with what cool new looks you come up with. 

  5. Tight Fit - Find a Brazilian bikini that fits tight to your butt and isn't saggy so you can stay active with what ever water sport you're taking on this summer. 

Now take these tips and find the perfect Brazilian bikini to rock this summer!

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Need some help? Try our Ultimate Cheeky Bikini Guide below.


 Happy bikini shopping and if you have any other tips to share get in touch! ;) 


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