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Summer is upon us and it's time to make sure your bikini body is rocking! Don't feel ready yet? Don't stress, follow this simple Surf Bikini fitness guide and healthy eating steps to get rid of that pesky body fat and quickly tone up so that you can enjoy the beach and your ideal bikini body this summer!

Surf, Kite or SUP whatever your chosen water sport, it's an awesome way to keep fit. However, we can't be out there all the time and in order to perform at our very best - plus stay in shape - we have to combine this with healthy eating and basic strength and conditioning fitness. 

Whether your goal is to lose weight, or stay in fighting shape to match mother nature punch-for-punch, this simple beach fitness guide is a great way to strengthen your core and improve your flexibility. Heard this a million times? That's because it's seriously true. Increasing your core strength and flexibility will not only get you looking toned and in shape but it will also significantly improve your balance and power, which for pretty much all water sports is key. 

Here is a basic 15-min Surf Bikini Fitness Routine to help you get started. 

1. Start and finish with flexibility and stretching. 

Find a nice spot on the beach with plenty of space around you.  All you need is yourself. Start by working through your normal routine of stretches you like to do. We recommend including the following.

  • A Triangle Posture on each side holding for 6 deep smooth breaths 
  • A Spinal Twist on each side holding for 6 deep smooth breaths 
  • A Hip stretch on each side 
  • Shoulder Stretch  on each side

Bikini Surf Fitness Routine
Triangle Posture Stretch

Spinal Twist Stretch Photo: Notey


2. Warm Up Exercises 

  • 3 x Sets of 10 Breathing Squats : Exhale as the body comes down. Inhale as the body comes up. 
  • 20 Bent Shoulder Circles in each direction: With a straight back and slightly bent knees. Lean your torso forward until you feel a light stretch in you hamstring.  Bring your arms out to the side so you make a T and start performing small circles with your arms. 
  • 10 Warrior Lunge:  From a standing position, lunge forward into a lunge position, keep your arms on your waist, push up off your front foot and back into starting position.  To take your Lunge to the next level you can add a side bend in either or both directions. Watch tutorial here.
  • T Rotation Push Ups: From your push up postion rotate your body and left arm to the sky. Hold this position for 3 deep smooth breaths then repeat with your right side and arm to the sky. Watch  tutorial here.


T_Rotation_Push_Up_-605284-edited.jpgT Rotation Push Up Photo: PopSugar

3. Full Body Workout Exercises To Improve Strength, Balance & Endurance

  • Get Squating. Try changing sets of Back Squats, Front Squats and to work on your balance, Single Leg Squats. 
  • 4 x sets of 5-10 Push Ups to focus on upper body strength. 
  • 4 x sets of 20 Sit Ups, focus on tight crunches
  • 50 meter Beach Sprints - do these inbetween each of  your strength and balance exercises 
  • 50 meter Swim Sprints - do these inbetween each of your strength and balance exercises 
  • 2 sets of 10 x Pratice Pop Ups: For surfer girls, go through your pop up technique. Focus on perfect execution and do ten full speed on the beach. 

Basic Squat 

Practice Pop Up 

Diet & Healthy Eating:

To be your healthiest and look your best, a simple balanced diet is key. We are going to repeat what that is but there's a high chance you already know. The problem most of us have is actually sticking to it so ultimately it's a choice you make. But you can be smart about it. Set yourself some goals and reward yourself when you achieve them. Typically people go for the weightloss goal but this can lead very quickly to giving up and resorting back to our old bad habits as the return or reward can often take too long and be too small. So get creative with your goals you can try making them fitness or performance based. I got X much faster, I did X more push ups today for example.  You also don't have to say good bye to all those yummy goodies. Just use good judgement, moderation and only treat yourself when you deserve it. Trust us everything tastes a million times better if you haven't had it in a while! 

Things to start eating and doing:

  • Go for real whole foods, try new fruits and vegetables, go for quality fats and proteins, lean meats and more fish!
  • Take note of how many healthy colours are on your plate and try to have at least 3.
  • Make sure you have 3 good meals a day with only healthy snacks like some nuts or a piece of fruit. 
  • Become a natural eater and only eat till you are satisfied not till you're belly is about to explode. 

Things to start drinking:

  • Yep you guessed it! No rocket science needed. That good old stuff called H2O has got everything you need.  
  • You should also try some different Tea's like Camomille and Green Tea. They have many proven health benefits. 

Things to stop eating & drinking:

  • Say goodbye to processed crap and excessive sugar. If you are at all serious about your well being you need to cut this out of your regular diet.  
  • Want some motivation? Check out The Sugar Film.
  • This means you have to stop drinking sugar soft drinks, ice tea, sports drinks etc. They are the quickest way to ensure you end up with diabities or heart problems. Don't be the frog in the boiling pot! 
  • The occasional treat if you've worked hard and deserve it is fine. Just use good judgement.  


Tips to stay motivated

    • Gather a  group of friends to work out with.  They'll help you get into a fitness routine and they'll boost your motivation when you feel lazy!
  • Buy yourself new rad fitness/surfing gear, we guarantee it will motivate you to hit  the surf and the gym!
  • Get an Activity Tracker like the FitBit HR Charge that tracks your exercise during the day and monitors your sleep.  Not only does it help you focus on your daily goals but it also gives you credit for your activity and gives you instant reward.


Now all that is left to do is put this into action, get yourself a sexy new bikini and tackle that beach like you own the place! #gorip


 See you out there Girls!



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