Surf Bikini Adventures | Top 10  Cool Activities to Do on Kauai , HAWAII

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Are you sick and tired of your daily routine? Do you want to take your life from a 4.5 to a 10 on the adventure scale?  Do you feel like you need to reconnect with nature?

If so, it's time for you to book a trip to Kaua'i,  Hawaii's oldest and most scenic island!

Make this amazing island your playground, discover breath-taking scenery, reconnect with wildlife, immerse yourself in the local culture and we can guarantee that you will feel more alive then ever...

We just spent 2 weeks on Kaua'i and came up with a list of cool activities to fulfill your adventure needs and keep you challenged so get ready for some surf bikini action!


1. Go cliff jumping at Shipwreck Beach in Poipu (see photo above) to get your adrenaline fix! The cliff is approximately 10-12 meter high so if you're not a thrill-seeker you might want to pass... 


2. Swim at the base of Wailua Falls, on the East Coast of Kauai and feel the power of water, it's so humbling.




3. Embrace Kauai's healthy lifestyle and treat yourself to organic cold pressed juices from  Kaua'i Juice Co and a 'Poke" (Hawaiian raw fish salad) from a local food truck. 


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4. Go snorkeling and don't forget to take your GoPro with you so you can take underwater selfies with turtles, they're everywhere!


PC: @kaloea 


5. Visit local surf shops and replenish your wardrobe with cool new surf gear and Brazilian bikinis (you can never have enough!). We particularly like POIPU Surf and Deja Vu Surf Shop.


6. Go surfing... on the North Shore during winter months and on the South Shore in summer. The island offers a multitude of breaks that work for all skill levels, which means that you can challenge yourself to big, gnarly waves if you want to...

Needless to say that respecting the locals is key. Smile, say hello and DO NOT hassle for waves - in other words show some Aloha! 



7. Check out the Spouting Horn blowhole at Koloa. If the light is right you may be able to see a rainbow in the sea spray!




8. Go explore the Na Pali Coast State Park, the fifteen-mile stretch of rugged coastline on the northwest shore of Kauai. Boats provided the easiest access but you can also explore the coast by foot and hike the 17km long Kalalau trail!Surf_bikini_adventure_-na-pali-coast-state-park.jpg



9. Check out the local shops and bring back some cool souvenir homewares from your trip. We particularly dig the bamboo Surfboard cutting boards that they sell everywhere on the island! 



10. Go for a swim at Queen's Bath, a scenic bathtub-shaped tide pool located in Princeville and jump from different cliff heights to get your daily dose of adrenaline.


 PC: Pinterest


 Before you set off for your trip, don't forget the necessities! Some things you can't leave home without:

  • Your surfboards (if you fly with Hawaiian airlines make sure you check their new "2 boards a bag" policy)
  • A GoPro to document your trip
  • Sunglasses & suncreen as the sun shines pretty strong over there!
  • First aid kit in case you go too hard and hurt yourself
  • A good pair of sneakers (for those days you want to explore)
  • A variety of clothing for occasions ranging from hiking to fine dining
  • A care free attitude
  •  And of course a couple of surf bikinis to wear throughout your adventures! Make sure your bikinis are functional with strong elastics and simple designs so they stay on both in the air and on the water! Need some inspo? check our range surf bikinis here!




Life's short, travel now ;)




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