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Surf Bikini Adventure

Life is all about seeking adventures, exploring the furthest edges of our planet and discovering new places. It's what we love to do so when the opportunity to free dive plane wrecks in Tahiti comes along you just have to dive straight in! 

Here's a glimpse inside the beautiful yet eerie world of underwater aircraft graveyards.



It's safe to say that Tahiti and its islands are an amazing playground for free divers and spearfishermen.

French Polynesia has the richest marine eco-system of reefs and wildlife, crystal-clear lagoons that abound with astonishing vibrant reef species and the island of Tahiti is also home to some of the best wreck dives in the world.

We had the chance to explore the "3 Wrecks" site in Faaa's lagoon numerous times and can't get enough of this place.

We recommend this experience to all the ocean lovers out there and any girl in need of a rad surf bikini adventure!



  • The site consists of 2 plane wrecks and a shipwreck.
  • The most spectacular wreck lies 25m deep. It's a WWII Catalina twin engine seaplane which was scuttled in 1964.  Unless you can free dive like  Guillaume Nery  and spend minutes runnin'  underwater,  we recommend exploring this wreck with scuba tanks. 


faaa-epave-catalina-sylvain-girardot.jpgCatalina seaplane wreck - Photo:

  • The other 2 wrecks are a schooner and a Cessna aircraft.
  • The Cessna lies 10m under water and is really easy to explore for divers who have a good breath-hold technique.
  • The shipwreck on the other hand begins at around -10m and descends to -25m so if you want to fully explore the boat from top to bottom and swim the whole way through you will need tanks. 

Note: the Cessna didn't have any drugs or large stash of cash but you have to watch out for the resident moray eel! 



The site is located in Faa'a's lagoon, close to the airport. You will need a boat to get there so unless you know a local who can take you to the spot, we recommend booking a trip with either of these dive centers: Eleuthera Plongee & TopDive Tahiti.  Both dive centers also organise Tiger Shark dives and whale watching excursions that are well worth the money!




Location: the site is only 5-10min away from land by boat. 

Water Temperature:  nice and warm so you can go explore in your surf bikini. The water can get a bit fresh in winter (June-August) so bring a springsuit just in case.

Water visibility: up to 40m on good days. Tahiti's waters rarely disappoint so be prepared to see the clearest water, most amazing colours and light you could imagine.

Note: Did we mention that there's a Shark Dive site called Shark Valley (la Vallée Blanche in French) right outside the barrier reef? 




  • Your Freediving gear: Mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt if you tend to float a lot
  • A rad  bikini
  • A GoProto document your underwater adventures  - the new Hero 5 is only 10m waterproof so you might want to stick to the Hero 3 or 4...
  • Bread to attract the colourful reef fish and take cool photos with them!


Ready to go explore in your bikini?

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