Blast From The Past | 19th Century Seal Fur Thong From Greenland

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seal-fur-g-string-inuit.jpgInuit women liked to go cheeky too! In the comfort of their warm Arctic homes, they used to rock these ravishing G strings - known as "naatsit" - made from seal fur and sewn together with thread of reindeer or whale sinew.

The glass-bead decorations prove that despite living in cold and inhospitable regions, Inuit women still had a sense of style and liked to take care of their appearance.

Indeed, those stylish fur thongs were not only donned during intimate moments but also in the presence of guests - which apparently quite surprised the Danish missionaries who tried to convince the Inuit girls to put pants on. To no avail. 

Interestingly, Inuits from East Greenland preferred seal pelt over other more insulating animal furs for a reason you probably would have never thought of.

Peter Toft,  Greenlandic fur clothing expert at the National Museum of Denmark explains that "sweat building up inside the garment is just as dangerous as being underdressed for the cold".  In other word, seal fur G-strings helped maintain the perfect temperature in the crotch area, thus avoiding frozen perspiration being trapped between their butt cheeks... #whowouldhavethought



We know little about Greenlandic women but this one seal fur G-string tells us at least two things about them: these stylish women didn't fear the cold and they wouldn't take sh*t from missionaries. We dig that. 

Now if you're planning a trip to Greenland you know what your need to pack.... and if you're not keen on the fur but still like going cheeky in public, check out our Brazilian bikini bottoms ;) 



Source: Atlas Obscura 


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