The True Reality Of Dating A Surfer Dude (& Why Surfers Are A Piece Of Work)

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Girls, here's the eye-opening article you need to read before falling head over heels for a surfer dude. These guys are hot, they're cool, but let's be honest, they're a piece of work... 

So make sure you're aware of the key truths outlined below before starting to date a surfer:

1. If the surf is on you’ll never see them - and as a rule, surfing takes top priority over any other activities you want to do together.


Thanks Billabong for putting ideas into our boyfriends’ heads…


2. If the surf is ON and they have to stay with you for whatever reason (family lunch, food shopping etc..) you can be sure they’ll be grumpy, annoying and will pester you non stop until you can’t stand them near you any more.

 When the surf is pumping and you tell him he won’t be able to go surfing until later… 


3. If the surf is no good they are still grumpy and the same as above occurs - not a joke.


4. Their cars stink like wet wetsuits and wee.


Do yourself a favour and get them one of those Sex Wax car fresheners, they’ll help hide the smell for a couple of weeks…


5. They will constantly drag you along to watch them surf - often early in the morning when all you want to do is sleep


Garie Beach, NSW, 7am on a Saturday morning. The struggle is real for the #girlfriendsquad…


6. They can spend hours driving up and down the coast to find good waves. It’s called The Search. You’d better get used to it.

We recommend having a good playlist on your iPod to help you get through the day…


7. They spend all their money on surfboards/surftrips. Don’t expect anything but beach or surf related presents, which often double up as a good thing for them too.

Guys, if you’re reading this article, check out our Girlfriend Gift Matrix  (the best Girlfriend Gift Guide to date) for some inspo.

Or if you want to get your girl one of our rad bikinis, make sure you check our article on "How to Buy A Brazilian Bikini For Your Girl- The Ultimate Guide For Guys" for some valuable tips on picking the right size, style etc...

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8. They won’t go on a trip with you unless there’s waves - meaning the only possible holiday destinations are surf locations where you just have to watch and take photos every day.


There’s a 100% chance he’ll ask you “ Did you see my bottom turn?? How good was it!” - PC:


9. They will at some stage get injured from surfing and you’ll have to spend an entire day at the hospital waiting for them to get fixed up.


If you see him walk out of the surf looking like this, you know you’re in for a long day at the hospital… - PC:


10. They will also get sick from surfing too much (ear infection, sinus infection, insolation etc..) and you’ll have to deal with the #manflu.

Also - let’s be honest here- most surfers are not as hardcore as you think and everyone is scared of sharks…. Sorry guys but it’s kinda true! ;)


11. If you are looking for long-term commitment with your surfer guy be aware that, if you choose to have a family, your kids will 100% be turned into surfing groms.

So all of the above multiplied by the amount of kids you have = Surfing will consume your entire life.


Yep, this is what your life will look like if you marry a surfer - PC:


12. If you are watching or taking photos of him - a typical task you’d better get used to- make sure you never miss one of his waves (especially his good ones) or you’ll be in serious strife.


13. NEVER, EVER compare your surfer guy to his surf buddies #rookiemistake

If he asks you “how do you think I surf?” - and trust us, he will- make sure you compare him to pro surfers and only in a positive manner.


When you tell him that his surf buddy Mike rips…


14. Be prepared to go through all of the above as despite being aware you’ll most likely still date a surfer guy ;)


The points above mainly apply to girls who don’t surf but don’t worry, we’ll be writing another blog post soon in which we’ll talk about dating a surfer from surfer girl’s point of view… ;)

See you in the surf YEW!



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