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mixing_matching_brazilian_bikinis2.jpgIf you feel like you’ve worn your favorite bikini for the past week straight, you’re not alone. We all have pieces that make us feel most confident, colors we love, and unique designs and shapes that we’re obsessed with.

But wearing the same bikini set over and over is kind of like listening to your favorite song on repeat: you’re going to get tired of it eventually.

Mixing and matching your Brazilian bikini pieces is a great way to refresh your wardrobe and feel like you’ve bought a whole new suit. Best of all, you’ll still feel sexy in your favorite pieces.

Here are our top tips:

Feel free to mix a solid piece with a patterned piece, but think carefully about the new match.

Typically, it looks better if the top is patterned and the bottom is solid, but both work! If the pattern is busy, make sure that the color of the solid piece is also contained in the pattern.

Be particularly cautious when matching two patterned pieces.

This is a tough look to pull off, but it’s not impossible. Opt for a pair of one busily-patterned piece and one with a subtle pattern. They’ll work even better together if the colors work perfectly together.

Match the amount of coverage each piece gives.

If you’re opting for really cheeky bottoms, choosing an ultra-conservative top will make you look imbalanced. Think about matching the vibes each piece gives off.



Don’t mix two pieces that are almost the same color but clearly aren’t the same.

Simple but true. It’s going to look like you were stumbling around in the dark looking for a match. You can definitely find a better match!


Invest in a simple pair of black bottoms or a simple black top - they go with everything!

The right black bikini will be the water-friendly version of your favorite white t-shirt: you’ll feel great in it, and it’ll go with absolutely everything.

To maximize versatility, pick pieces that are smooth and don’t have ties hanging off the sides or the back. 


Feel like you need a bit of inspiration? Try our Ultimate Cheeky Bikini Guide for some personalised swimsuit suggestions.


Choose two pieces with the same texture, or match one smooth and one textured - but not two different textures.

Just as you want to try to match the amount of coverage each piece gives you, match the feel of each piece. If you have one piece with a cute crocheted layer on top and one sexy, stringy piece, it’ll be a confusing match-up.

Finally, the only official rule is that there are no set rules!

There will always be exceptions to the guidelines above, and what’s most important is that you feel comfortable and confident in your suit. 



All the power to you if you think a combination looks awesome and you rock it like it was made for you. As long as you are in love with your new swimsuit combo, you’ll radiate positivity and good vibes!


~ Lucy From KALOEA

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