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Brazilian Bikini Surf Couple

Ok, so it's coming. Maybe it's even tomorrow. Her birthday, no wait it's your anniversary, or maybe you are trying to make up for yet another one of your stuff ups. Whatever the reason, you need a gift idea for your girl and you have no idea where to start. 

It's not hard to understand why guys struggle with this. What women want has been a mystery throughout human history mostly due to the fact that we don't even know what we want ourselves. 

On top of this, almost every potential gift idea you come up with gets ruled out into either the "too uncertain" or "too hard" basket. For example, Lingerie is too risky, Tech stuff like a new iPod screams I'm just a nice guy, buying her the box set of Orange Is The New Black means zero sex for a month and Jewellery is sure to be interpreted as increasing levels of commitment leading to your ultimate demise. 

In short: you're stuffed and scrolling the web through post after post of repetitive girlfriend gift ideas isn't going to get you anywhere..... 

So it's time. It's time to do something different. It's time to do something that will tick all the boxes. Something that's sexy but nice, risky but safe and something that will build her confidence and satisfy your desires. It's time to get her a new bikini. #winwin 

But "How?" do you ask. We've got you covered. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know and how to get your girl the perfect bikini to make her - and just as important, yourself- feel great. 

Kaloea Brazilian Bikini Shop Now

1. Find her size

  • You want to keep it a surprise so don't ask her straight up. Investigate, get sneaky and see what size her current bikini bottoms are and check out the size of her panties too to look for any discrepancies. Once you have her bottom size simply match her size to the bikini shop's size guide.

  • Ok now with the tops. This is a little trickier because boobs come in all shapes and sizes. FYI, most bikini brands base their sizing on the depth of the cup (chest measurements don't really matter as bikini tops are usually fully adjustable around the chest and stretchable anyway). So make sure you get her cup size right (either AA, A, B, C, D, DD, E).

kaloea bikini bottoms.jpg

If you're a bit lost with sizing, keep in mind that tie-side bottoms like the Black MIRI MIRI bottoms above are always a safe option as they are fully adjustable around the waist. 

2. Find the right style/cut for her body shape

Finding the right style for her will depend on two things, her body shape and how she will use her bikini. There are fail safe cuts that you can't go wrong with and there are designs that you should just steer clear of all together. 

Whatever you do, don't make the mistake of buying your girl a new diaper. The best you'll get is a "thanks for the thought, did you keep the receipt?" and she won't look sexy to you either - which, remember is just as important. 

Why A Brazilian Bikini

Photo: A Bikini A Day


Here are your key body shape tips to follow. 


  • Body Shape: Curvey / Pear Shape

Your girl is a little more curvey throughout the hips and thighs but smaller up top like Beyonce for example.

Take Note: 

It's important not to try and cover it all up. This will only accentuate her hips even more. So if you know she feels really comfortable in her skin and you love to see her with a beautiful tanned bum, then go cheeky. However, If this is your first time buying your girl a bikini or a cheeky cut bikini is new territory for her, then the fail safe option is a Tanga cut bottom with a bikini top that catches your eye and draws attention like this bikini set.


  • Body Shape: Large Bust

Your girl has ample cleavage up top.

Take Note:

Making sure she has good support up top is key. So it's important to go for a bra style top that has adjustable straps and underwire. 

  • Body Shape: Small Bust

Proportionally she is smaller up top with an A or B cup. 

Take Note:  

You can go for a range of different designs. Just make sure you get a top with padding to give the illusion that her boobs are bigger making her feel more feminine.

You also want to draw attention to the lower half of her body so we recommend going for a black top with a solid colour bottom piece that stands out like this bikini set below. 

  • Body Shape: Athletic

Your girl is super fit and has an athletic body shape with broader shoulders.

Take Note:

You're lucky, most bikinis will look great. However, it's important to accentuate her curves to make her look more feminine. The smaller the bikini bottom, the fuller and curvier the derriere appears

3. Choosing the colour 

Don't let colours confuse you. Again the focus here is to keep it simple and ensure you get her a new bikini she'll love. 

Some simple rules to follow:

  • If she has fair skin go for darker colours.

  • Black is your fail safe option.

  • If you know she'll love some colour, subtly find out her favourite and find a bikini that suits. One solid colour stands out the best and is less risky than trying to find a pattern she'll like, plus you risk putting your gift idea into the "too hard basket".  

  • You can also mix and match by picking a black top and colourful bottom however, typically only online stores will have this option. 

Blue Brazilian Bikini Kaloea

4. Key Take Aways

  1. Remember a new bikini is the perfectly balanced gift idea so go for it!

  2. Make sure you get her sizes right. Do your research. 

  3. Determine the right bikini style and colour for her based on her body shape and what she likes. 

  4. Get a bikini that she can stay active in and wear when you guys want to do cool activities together! Avoid Frills, plastic rings, bandeau style tops etc...  Keep it simple and functional. 

Good luck guys and if you have any questions or need some help just send us an email!


Eve From The Kaloea Team ;) 

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