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surfer-girl-look.jpgAre you sick and tired of wearing Billabong, Rip Curl and Roxy? Do you feel like you need to get off the beaten track and find cool new gear from young & innovative brands? We hear you! Nothing is more motivating than getting new rad equipment and stylish clothes that you know you won't see on any other surfer girl in the lineup.

To help you find the hottest surfer girl look this summer, the KALOEA girls got together and picked out some of their favourite new gear from the coolest surf brands around . Check it out, spoil yourself and thank us later ;) 

Spring Suits We Love 

Every surfer girl needs a sexy go-to wetsuit that looks hot but keeps you warm. These are our two favourites that every surfer girl should have throughout spring, summer and autumn. 

Hurley Fusion 202 Spring Suit                                                SirenSong Wonderlust Hawain Cut Spring Suit 



Surf Bikinis You'll Love! 

Let's be honest, we are completely biased when it comes to bikinis...  but if you're sick of saggy bikinis that make you look like you're wearing a diaper and you can't seem to find a bikini that makes your booty look hot at the beach or in the surf then take a chance and have a go at some new cheeky bikinis.

Try The Ultimate Cheeky Bikini Guide now or shop these looks. We promise you won't regret it! 







What Boards Do We Ride? 

This one's a tricky one.... There are many different crafts that us surfer girls love to slide and glide on but here are are our top picks.

F-ONE SUPS provide all the gear for KALOEA Team Rider Aude Chanfour to charge Tahiti bombs like this one! 



KALOEA Surfer Girls Lucy Littlechild & Eve Riviere can't get enough of their DHD Surfboards and take them on all of their surf trips. The DX1 is a perfect all rounder shortboard that performs well in all conditions and in all types of waves.

cover photo 1.jpg

The MF J-Bay with its 4 channel bottoma and swallow tail is probably one of the fastest surfboards you'll ever surf and one of the girls' favourites! This board works best in clean, glassy conditions, making it a definite must-have for your next Indo surf trip but not ideal in mushy beach break waves.



Bodhi Leigh Jones rides for Channel Islands. Her two magic sticks - the Zeus and Rook 15 models - give her versatility and performance when she competes at Junior Surfing comps.


bodhi rippin.jpg


Mc Tavish Surfboards make rad performance longboards for sliding and gliding on small days. Their midlentgh surfboards range is also perfect for beginners who are already familiar with foamboards and wish to take their surfing to the next level with a more responsive fiberglass board. 




Surfer Girl Oils & Sunscreens 

Monoi Tiki Oil is the bomb! It will moisturise your skin, make it glow and help you tan up. It does wonders to your hair too so we recommend putting a bit in your hair before you paddle out to protect it from the sun and salt. Did we also mention that it smells amazing? 

Extraordinary Oil By L'Oreal will rejuvenate, moisturise and tame your surfer girl hair. Apply on clean and dry hair after a long day in the sun/surf. 


Aloe Gator SPF40+ Gel . We've tried all sorts of sunscreens and zinks in the last few years and found that Aloe Gator Gel offers the best compromise between functionality and look. It holds very well in surf keeping you protected for hours without running in your eyes.  We also like that it's a clear gel and doesn't give you a cake face like most zinks do... (think about the photos!!) It smells pretty good too!


Rad Skateboards 

ObFive and Bureo are two of the coolest skateboard brands out there. They both create rad cruiser boards with unique designs that you'll love to ride between surfs. 

Note that Bureo's skateboard decks are made from recycled fishing nets. Learn more about their awesome Net Positiva recycling program here.


OBFive - Palm Springs Cruiser                                                        Bureo x Carver - The Ahi






Rare Find: Stylish Surf Socks!

If, like us, you can't stand the sight of those striped nylon surf socks that everyone has been using for the last 20 years, you'll be pleased to know that there are a few young brands out there that make stylish surfsocks!

Roses des Vents (Bali)                                                             Kauskaki (Greece)






Know of any other cool surf brands? Shoot us an email so we can include them in our future Surfer Girl Style Guides!

See you Girls in the surf yeww!



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