How To Find The Perfect Surf Bikini

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find_perfect_surf_bikini3.jpgPhoto: Bodhi Leigh_Jones for @kaloea

Nothing beats feeling that summer sun on your skin when you're in the line up catching fun waves. The downside? A little too much exposure when that flimsy bikini of yours slips or snaps! 

With so many nice bikinis out there to choose from, it's tempting to buy the first one that catches your eye. That's perfectly fine for a lazy day of sunbathing, but unless you're planning on a slightly "breezier" experience, you might want to look a little harder for a bikini that will survive and stay on through all the action you plan to put it through all the while looking sexy the whole time.

Here are our top tips to look for when trying to find the perfect Surf Bikini:

1. A Tight Fit

The loose-fitting bikinis may look good by minimizing less-desirable curves, but they'll get lost at sea in a heartbeat! Pick a snug-fitting bikini, with especially tight bottoms to make sure those bad boys aren't going anywhere! If you're not sure about the size, get bottoms with ties on the sides so that you can tighten them up if need-be.


Photo: @audelionet going big in Tahiti in her PAKALA surf bottoms 

2. Fixed Straps

You may adjust your bikini to the perfect level of tightness before hitting the waves, but adjustable straps will betray you as soon as they hit the water. Get a top with fixed straps, and your girls will thank you for it!

kaloea-girlswithskills-bodhi-background2.jpgKaloea Team rider Bodhi Leigh-Jones in her Black TEAHUPOO Surf Top & Blue PAKALA Surf bottoms


3. Scrunched-Back Bottoms

You're a surfer, not a plumber. Get that crack in line with a good pair of scrunched-back cheeky brazilian bikini bottoms; they'll stay tight to your bum and prevent any sagging plus they look hot as ! 


Kaloea_surfer_girl_bodhi_leighjones.jpg Bodhi competing in her Black PAKALA cheeky bottoms


4. Ditch the Bling

Frills, coins, plastic rings ... They may look cute on the rack, but they'll just get in the way on the board. Invest in designs with strong elastics instead of bling.

lucy barrel r2.jpg Kaloea Team rider Lucy Littlechild getting some shade in Indonesia


5. Sporty Chic

Triangle or bandeau tops may look cute, but won't do anything to cover up your girls in the sea! And don't even think about an underwire, unless you want your girls or arms to get jabbed while paddling! Go for a sporty top that won't move around on your chest. 


If you want the best bikini for surfing, take a look at Kaloea's designs! We have a selection of cheeky Brazilian bikinis to fit every surfer girl's needs.

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See you girls in the surf YEW!

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