The Top 5 Bikini Mistakes You're Making (And How to Fix Them)

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bikini-mistakes-kaloea-bikini.jpgEven if you avoid major bikini mistakes and fails, many of us still make simple, avoidable mistakes when we’re choosing, wearing, and taking care of bikinis.

Look your best in the water with our easy fixes for the most common bikini faux pas!

Mistake #1: You have an irritated bikini line.

There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable because of your bikini line. Maybe you recently dealt with the hair down there, and now it’s either red or stubbly. If you’re tearing up the surf or even just walking around, your bikini bottoms are bound to rub the area. Don’t prolong the irritation.

How to fix it: Always get a wax at least a couple of days before you hit the waves and wear cotton underwear and loose bottoms for the 24-hour period after you get waxed. That will allow the skin to calm down and help you avoid itchy redness and irritation.

If you do choose to shave, use a new razor and a shaving cream that lathers up thickly. Avoid scented creams. To deal with red bumps, you can apply a coating of hydrocortisone cream to your bikini line.

The most important thing you can do to make sure your bikini line is healthy and happy is to let it breathe after whichever hair removal option you choose!


Mistake #2: You keep wearing your favorite bikinis around for years and years, even when they’re showing signs of age.

Even the most durable Brazilian bikini out there isn’t going to last forever. The bands will loosen overtime, the colors will fade after a thousand washes, and the bottoms will probably pill. An old bathing suit isn’t a good look (and if you’re doing water sports, it’s not going to stay on as well, either).

How to fix it: Don’t feel too badly about saying goodbye to your favorite bikini when it comes time to turn it in for good - a worn-out bikini is the perfect excuse to indulge in a new design, brand, or color! Looking for some surf bikini inspo? Take this quiz to get personalized recommendations. Out with the old, in with the sexy brand new.



Mistake #3: You have a bunch of bikinis that aren’t the right size.

It’s really easy to get trapped into buying a certain size just because that’s what you’ve always been or what you think you should be. As a result, you can end up with too-tight bottoms that aren’t so flattering on the hips or a top that falls off whenever a big wave hits. Neither situation is a fun one.

How to fix it: Instead of opting for your normal size, try out the sizes on either side of your normal one - so if you typically go for a medium, try on both a small and large as well. Don’t assume that your top and bottom will be the same size.

If you’re ordering online, pay attention to the company’s sizing guide. Take some measurements and order whatever seems right.

You shouldn’t feel self-conscious or judge yourself based on the size you end up with - it’s all about how you work it in the ocean. And if you do feel self conscious, remember: no one besides you will ever know what size you’re wearing!


Mistake #4: Other people could easily mistake your suits for lingerie.

You can’t help but feel awkward when you see someone from a few meters away and immediately think they forgot to bring their real bikini at home. Brazilian bikinis are already pretty revealing, but factor in lacy textures and pastel colors and you’re going to be convincing people that you left your #1 beach essential in your drawer.

How to fix it: Opt for either black or bright colors and fabrics that are easily recognizable as bikini fabrics (think smooth nylon). Here are a couple of top picks for Brazilian bikinis that everyone will recognize as…actual bathing suits.





Mistake #5: You’re not washing your suits the right way.

Imagine you’re rushing out to dinner after a long day at the beach. You change out of your bikini and toss it in a plastic bag to be washed later… and then you forget about it. You wash it with all of your other clothes a week later.

If this sounds like you, STOP before you do the same thing again next time.

How to fix it: Ditch the washing machine and thoroughly rinse out your suits with fresh sink water as soon as you take them off. Make sure to get all of the salt off and chlorine out — they’ll age your suit really quickly if they sit on the surface for long.

Try your best not to put wet bathing suits anywhere besides on a hook to dry. They’ll stay much fresher and smell much better if you regularly let them air out after you’re done wearing them!


~ Lucy From KALOEA


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