5 Secret Tips To Look & Feel Great In Your Cheeky Brazilian Bikini Bottoms

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The suns out and the beach is calling. Bikini season is upon us! Don't be afraid to show off your beautiful bod this summer. Use these 5 tips to give you the confidence to rock a sexy new pair of Brazilian bikini bottoms. 

1. Give Yourself Options: The key to feeling sexy in your bikini is finding one that suits your body best. Don't just grab the first cute pink bikini on the rack! Do your research online in the comfort of your own home and find the cut and colour to see which one you like most. The idea is to find one which accentuates all your great features. You certainly can't go wrong with a Tanga Cut, which will always make your bum look nice and perky! brazilian_swimwear_kaloea.jpg

2. Treat Your Skin Right: It's no secret that you will be showing lots of skin in your new Brazilian bikini bottoms. Make it radiant by exfoliating to remove dead cells and repair dry patches. Don't forget to moisturise to seal in your new founded glow. Our top option is some Tahitian Monoi Oil.  

3. Stand Up Straight: Your Mum has probably been telling you for years to stand up straight: don't slouch! Well this has never been more true! Stop trying to suck everything in and simply stand straight. By stretching your spine you can easily look slimmer and feel more confident in your bikini. 

4. Eat the Right Foods: We aren't talking about diet here, or healthy vs. unhealthy foods. This means eating food that won't make you feel sluggish or bloated. If you plan on spending the day in your Brazilian bikini bottoms, consider eating anti-bloat foods such as bananas, melon, yogurt, fish and leafy greens. These will fill you up and keep your tummy looking fabulous! Check out Get Fit & Healthy - Top Nutrition Tips From The KALOEA Surfer Girls for more advice.


5. Make Your Hair Stand Out: As funny as this may sounds, adding volume or curling your hair, draws attention to the top half of your body. This will provide a distraction from parts of your body you may not be thrilled with, while balancing out your silhouette. You can also wear your hair in ponytail to add height and stretch out your frame. 

We hope you find these tips helpful to look awesome in your new bikini and feel sexy ;)
If you have any other great bikini tips tell us in the comments below.

Now go rock your hot bod at the beach Yew!

The KALOEA Girls

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