4 Tips to Make Sure Your Bikini Stays On In The Surf

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Every surfer girl dreads the moment when their bikini comes off in the surf and we have to do those awkward turtles underwater trying to get our bottoms or tops back on to avoid flashing the entire line up.

Girls we hear you and these are the risks we take when wanting to wear what we feel great in on the water!

There are, however, a few key things you can do to help you make sure your bikini stays on in the surf:

1. Choose the Right Bikini Styles

There is no such thing as the perfect bikini, trust us we know, but choosing the right style of top and bottom is a good start!

For the bottoms, we recommend wearing Brazilian style bikini bottoms, preferably ones with a scrunch back and - even better - with ties on the side so you can adjust the tightness and fit if needed. 


Black MANIHI surf bottoms 

If you don’t feel confident wearing cheeky cut bottoms, try and find regular bikini bottoms that have a scrunch back and ties on the sides. The last thing you want are loose, saggy bikini bottoms that will get ripped off by the tiniest beach wave…

Keep in mind that the smaller the cut and the tighter the fit, the less amount of water rushing past your bottoms and potentially pulling them off.

Needless to say that Brazilian bikini bottoms are also way more flattering for your butt and bring Good Vibes in the line-up ;)


Iris LAWAI surf bottoms 


For the tops, we recommend going for a fully adjustable bra style top like our TEAHUPOO top so you can adjust the straps at the back and make sure they’re fitted enough that they will not slide down your shoulders.

You could also go for a racerback style top however these are not adjustable around the chest so make sure you get the right size and even go down a size for a tighter fit.

Avoid Triangle style tops as a wardrobe malfunction is guaranteed to happen with them!

Avoid underwires too as they’re pretty uncomfortable and often poke you…


Even the pros encounter bikini malfunctions … PC: Steph Gilmore shooting for Vogue

2. Go Down a Size for a Tighter Fit

This might not be as comfortable but we sometimes have to compromise.

If you’re worried about the muffin-top effect, remember that surfing involves a lot of twisting, rotating, leaning forward as well as a fair bit of time lying down on your board so don’t worry, no one will notice your love handles!

3. Learn How To Fall

Unless you’re a pro and do rad maneuvres on the waves, it’s more likely that you will lose your bikini while kooking it and wiping out. Hence the importance of learning how to fall!

Here’s our Golden Rule: Always try and fall out the back of the wave or jump straight in (this does not apply if you surf the reef though…)

Try not to fall flat or fall head first….When needed, one hand for your boobs one hand for your bum!


DON’T fall flat without holding your breasts and bum! Most importantly, DO try not to fall! haha PC: www.flickriver.com


4. Always Wear a Leg Rope

That’s right girls, you’ll always know where to look if you have a bad wipe out and your bottoms fully come off ;)


In times of trouble, your leg rope is your best ally! - PC: Pinterest


Good luck and remember, the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun YEW!

See you in the surf :)


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