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Recently some of the Kaloea girls teamed up for a surfing weekend in Byron Bay.
With plenty of waves, sunny skies and as always lots of surfing in our KALOEA Surf Bikinis we thought we’d share what we got up to, the places we loved and some ideas on what you can see and do when up here.

1. Where To Surf

What’s great about Byron is that no matter what the wind and swell are doing, you can pretty much always find somewhere with a fun clean wave.

We stuck to the bay side and surfed the Pass and Wategoes as the South East breeze made the open side beaches blown out. The banks at both the Pass and Wategoes were really good and although the swell wasn’t huge the waves were lining up and delivering some really long gliding rides.
With many take off points along the line up, managing the crowd was easy and it was great to see so many girls out their ripping.


Aerial view of Wategoes & the Pass - PC:

Here is a break down on the best spots to go:

Wategoes: For cruisy, fun mal waves or even a fish / single fin Wategoes is perfect. It’s all about good vibes and is great for girls who are beginners looking to take their surfing to the next level.

You’ll get some really long rides and the wave, just like the people are super friendly.

Best time to surf it is early morning or a sunset session when the breeze is from SW to SE.


You might even get to see dolphins and share a wave with them if you’re lucky! - PC: Aquabumps

The Pass: When The Pass is on it’s one of the best waves on the East Coast and can gift you with what seems to be a never ending wall to really perfect your turns on. When it’s small it can still be just as fun.

Skill level to surf the pass is intermediate or above. You want to make sure you are confident out there as it can get busy and if you’re out at the point the take off can be tricky. If it’s small and your surfing down the beach towards Captain Cook’s look out it can be perfect for beginners.

Best conditions is when the wind is coming from the South / South East.


Lucy Littlechild cruising on a fun little one at the Pass


Sunset surfs at the Pass are the best… PC: unknown

The Wreck / Belongil: When the banks are good the Wreck can have some awesome waves and great barrels. However it can get really busy with lots of tourists so we suggest sliding down the beach a bit to Belongil as the banks are often just as good and way less people.

Tallows: Is a pumping beach break which when the banks are right, delivers some awesome A frame peaks, great barrels and perfect ramp sections. It’s protected from the NE Sea Breeze and is offshore when the wind is anyway from the West quadrants. You can also head down the beach more to escape the crowds and find your own peak, however, it’s important to make sure you’re a confident surfer as it can be pretty solid and there is often a lot of rips.

2. Where To Stay

With all the different accommodation apps that are out there everyone knows how to find what they are after these days but depending on budget we found and love these two cute boutique guest houses:

Byron Palms Guesthouse which is really close to town, up market and super friendly staff who also go the extra mile to make sure you are having a nice stay.


Eve and Lucy relaxing at Byron Palms after a good surf yew!

Byron Springs Guesthouse which is the perfect upgrade option when you’re on a budget. It’s a 12 minute walk into town or they have bikes you can borrow and it’s surrounded by beautiful gardens which give it a really peaceful and quite vibe.
Both places provide a full continental breakfast and come with ensuite bathrooms and free wifi which is always nice.


We fell in love with the outdoor shower and open deck at Byron Springs

3. Where To Eat

Byron Bay is home to many restaurants and cafes who serve the freshest food sourced from local farmers so no doubt you will love the Byron food scene!

Our top places include Top Shop & Byron Fresh for a great coffee and healthy brekkie or lunch.


Breakfast at Byron Fresh - PC:

Make sure you stop by L’Ultime Patisseries & Chocolaterie after a surf and indulge yourself with one of their delicious French pastries.

We like to the finish the day at the Beach Hotel and relax with a cold beer listening to live music.

4. Other Things To See & Do


Cape Byron Lighthouse - PC:

> Go for a walk up to the Cape Byron lighthouse and stand on the most easterly point of Australia

> Take a drive into the hinter land and visit Minyon Falls

> Check out the Byron Markets

> Get out in the evening and enjoy Byron’s vibrant night life and live music gigs.

5. What To Pack

Since you’ll be spending most of your time in the water you won’t need much clothes so just chuck a couple of t-shirts and shorts in your boardbag and you should be sweet!

All you need is the following surfing essentials:

_ your surfboard (shortboard or mal)

_ wax - because we always forget to take wax with us and then regret it… see why a good wax job is so important here

_ sunscreen

_ a GoPro to document every moment of your trip

_ wetsuit top/springsuit/steamer depending on the season

_ a cool surf bikini and for that we’ve got you covered! Check our our range of surf bikinis here.


Don’t forget to also pack a smile and heaps of Good Vibes yew!


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