Surfer Girl Essentials: 3 Reasons Why You Need The Perfect Wax Job On Your Board

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There are many elements that lead us surfer girls to having an awesome surf, feeling the stoke and getting the good vibes flowing.

Making sure our equipment is set up to perform plays a key role in this, so today we wanted to share the importance of having the perfect wax job on your board and how to maintain it.

Here’s the why and how essentials:

1. Surfer Girls Are Slippery


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We all love surfing in bikinis and enjoying the summer waves but one challenge this possesses is that our legs can slip and slide off the board really easily, especially at critical moments when trying to take off on that perfect wave we’ve been waiting for.

So when you first wax your shortboard be sure to cover the entire surface from where your front foot is placed all the way to your grip pad and to the edge of the rails. This will give you way more control of the board, increased paddle power and give you way more stability when taking off.

2. Choose The Right Wax

It’s important to find a wax you like, smells good and suits the weather conditions you typically surf in. Don’t turn it in to a science, however, be sure to choose a tropical harder wax if you are surfing in hot weather conditions, a mildly hard wax for average weather conditions and a softer wax if you’re super dedicated and love surfing in winter.

You also want to make sure you find a wax that doesn’t give you a bad rash but still provides plenty of grip.


We have found Surf Organic Wax to have this pretty sorted where you get nice small wax bumps for optimum grip but its soft enough that it doesn’t scratch or rash your tummy or legs. Added bonus, all their products are environmentally friendly with all natural ingredients too!

Make sure you check out their range of sustainable surfing products (wax combs, tail pads and even candles!) here.

3. Maintain Your Wax Job


You should never hit the surf without putting a fresh top layer of wax on your board. This is the biggest mistake so many of us make when rushing out to catch waves. If you are prepared, it only takes 1 minute and a fresh coat of wax will always significantly increase your stability and balance. This flows on to a boost in confidence, performance and ultimate more good vibes.

A surfer girl loves to stay organised and It’s easy to keep your wax, fin key, comb and other surfing accessories in one of these neoprene Kaloea Bags:


Look forward to seeing you girls out there !


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