10 cool facts that will make you want to visit Tahiti & its islands

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Hello, Ia Orana, Aloha and welcome to our blog!

We are pretty excited to publish our first article, which comes at this time of the year when the entire surfing community tunes in to the Billabong Pro Tahiti and gets a reminder that surfing Teahupoo is on their bucketlist.

Our mission with this blog is to spread the surf Stoke, share some Good Vibes and hopefully inspire people to live a life filled with happiness and waves YEW!

And to start off well, we wanted to share some insights about French Polynesia as we recently visited these magical islands to shoot a video for KALOEA - which is currently being edited… stay stuned!

So here is a - non-exhaustive - list of some cool facts about Tahiti and its islands that might convince you to book a trip to paradise…

1. Fly with Air Tahiti Nui and their crew will welcome you with a big smile and a fresh Tiare flower to put above your ear. Not to mention the Paul Gauguin’s replicas hanging on the walls of their Airbuses and the Tahitian music playing in the aircrafts before takeoff. Exactly what you need to put you in the Island mood YEW!


Photo: Air Tahiti Nui

2. It’s one of the rare places in the world where you can take photos with stingrays, sharks and if you’re lucky both at the same time so get ready for some underwater action!


3. There is a 30-40 meter water visibility on average, meaning every time you go out for a swim you feel like you’re in a gigantic aquarium with fish, turtles, dolphins, stingrays, sharks swimming past you… The underwater world is yours to explore!


4. It’s home to some of the best waves in the world and if Teahupoo remains the most famous spot, pretty much every surf break in French Polynesia offers world-class waves with the right swell direction…


5. Surfers greet each other in the surf! They actually clap everyone’s hand as they paddle out to the peak. No Jokes.

6. There’s no kooks in Tahiti. Mother Nature is ruthless over there so they either don’t show up or don’t last very long…


Photo: kookoftheday​ - you won’t see this in Tahiti…

7. You can get tattooed for free . By the reef I mean.


Photo: Local surfer Timi Boulenger after a barrel session in the Tuamotu Islands The pain doesn’t take away the Stoke YEW!

8. When you’re surfed out and starved, you can go to the “roulottes” (food trucks) and enjoy the local specialty “Poisson Cru Lait de Coco” which consists of raw tuna in coconut milk. It’s the best!


Photo: atableleslouloutes.blogspot.com

9. It’s the only place in the world where you can find black pearls aka Tahitian pearls. Pearls are worn by both men and women and come in varying price ranges depending on their quality (surface, shape, colour, size etc…). So make sure you take one home either as a souvenir or as a gift for your loved one!


Photo: Tevei Renvoye Photography for Tevei Perle | Model: Fernando Stalla

10. Winter in French Polynesia consists of water temperature dropping from 29ºC to 27ºC and air temperature dropping to a scary 22ºC at night… In other words, it’s summer all year round in Tahiti so don’t bother packing pants or jumpers. All you need to pack is a smile, a couple surfboards and some sweet surf bikinis YEEEWWWW!!! (check our bikini range at www.kaloea.com)


Top - Photo : Raihei Tapeta / Mataiea Lifestyle Tahiti | Model: Maiti Millon

Bottom - Photo: Tim Boulenger | Models : Aude Lionet-Chanfour, Eve Riviere

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