17 Insane but True Things about Surfer Girls

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Ladies who surf are some of the coolest and toughest chicks around. We are athletes, nature lovers, and gorgeous souls. For surfer girls, being active in the water isn't always glamorous, but it's the life we crave. Here are 17 insane but true things about surfer girls you guys should know if you ever run into one:

1. We don't need you. Really, surfer girls are independent badasses. But just because we don't need anybody, that doesn't mean we don't enjoy your company! 

2. The way to our heart is through coconut oil. Sea water reeks havoc on hair. Surfer girls keep their hair shiny and flowing by dousing it with oil as often as they can. Otherwise, our hair would be a green colored straw-like material! 

3. Yes, we pee in our wetsuits. We like to spend hours catching awesome waves. That means we aren't going to take a potty break if we need one. Peeing in our wetsuits keeps us warmer on cold mornings, plus it keeps us in the water longer. 

4. We are starving after we're done surfing. We just finished more than an hour of an intense cardio workout. We are hungry and we need food now. No talking. No discussion. We just want to slip our board in our car and find a great food shack nearby.


Yes, we eat carbs. PC: http://www.thesurfcafecookbook.com/

5. We know how to change in public without revealing ourselves. It takes a lot of practice learning how to maneuver out of a wetsuit and into street clothes. We end up wearing a lot of loose clothing and dresses because they're the easiest thing to slip into while we're still wet. A true surfer knows how to change everything from bras, underwear, and shorts under her towel. Most of us change on the sides of roads since that's where we parked our cars to hit the waves. 

6. Winter sucks. Whether we live in a snowy climate or just a place where the water gets super freezing in the winter, this season is torture. If we do finally manage to get into the water, we are wearing so much neoprene we can't completely enjoy ourselves.  

7. If you want to wear a bikini, it better be the right kind! Most bikini's suck for surfing. Those flimsy ties look cute walking on the sand, but they can't stand up to charging bomb sets in the surf. Make sure you find the right surf bikini that's perfect for you. If you're keen try a Kaloea Surf Bikini, they stay in place and look great on your body.

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7. We're comfortable being part of the boys club. We hear crazy stuff on the water. Most of the time, we don't have time to talk too much. We are usually one of the only girls out there, and we're okay with that. 

8. Lying on the beach all day sounds so boring. We want to go to the beach to be active. It's our gym! Don't expect us to just lay on the sand getting a tan.

9. We go there to surf. We don't want to flirt. No, we're not going to turn down someone we're really into, but we go surfing because we love it. Period. Don't treat us like it's a singles club we are part of. 

10. Getting up at sunrise is worth it. It's never easy dragging ourselves out of bed before the crack of dawn, but the moment we catch a glimpse of the sun rising over our favourite surf spot there's not a place in the world we would rather be.

11. It's tough dating non-surfers. Most guys just can't understand how truly obsessed we are with the ocean. We will always love our board more than him, and that's tough for most dudes to accept. Life is a whole lot simpler when you date a person who understands you, and surfing is its own culture.

surfer_girl_wedding.jpgSurf wedding in Hawaii, how cool is that! PC: http://www.amorphiaphotography.com/

12. You try not to think about what's beneath you. There are tons of movies about the scary creatures lurking in oceans. When we are on our boards, we pretend everything beneath us looks like a peaceful scene out of Nemo! Most surfers try to stay uninterested about what's underwater at their favorite surf spot. We are much happier riding the waves on the surface than stressing about the things swimming below. 

13. Please buy us surf wax. It doesn't matter how often we stock up, we seem to always run out of wax for our boards. Without it, we can't get a strong enough grip under our feet to stand up. It's a real bummer to run out, so, if you know a surfer girl, be sure to buy her some more wax on the way home.

15. We snap boards too. Most of us don't charge as hard as you guys, so it's rare to snap a board while getting pitted in a barrel. It's more likely that it will happen when coping a set wave on the head on a big day, but hey, at least it means that we're out there when the surf's pumping so be supportive!

surfer_girl_snap.jpgTahitian charger and KALOEA rider Aude Lionet even snaps her paddle boards! 

16. Surf rash is real, and it hurts. Ever seen a surfer wearing bikini bottoms and a thin shirt on top? That's because we can get a surf rash real fast. All that lying down and standing up can take a toll on our abdomens and boobs. Most of us opt for covering up a bit while on the board to prevent a very painful rash from developing.

17. We've watched Blue Crush at least 15 times and we can't get enough of it. 


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