14 Tips To Help You Charge In The Surf When Rocking Your Surf Bikini

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Amy_Charging_Surf_Bikini_.jpgAmy Kotch making charging big waves look easy! Photo Richard Kotch

 Charging in the surf is all relative so it’s important to preface this by highlighting that you don’t want to overestimate your self and your capabilities. If your gut is telling you that you are not ready to paddle out, then listen to it.

It's important to remember  that surfing takes a life time to master and the learning curve is very gradual so skipping steps will only lead to more #kookslams and negative experiences which run the risk of turning you off surfing as a whole plus many hospital visits.

However, no matter what level of charging you are up to, there are some key things that can help ensure you have more successful sessions that will build your confidence in bigger waves.

charging_surf_bikini.jpgKaloea team rider Eve Riviere dropping in on a Lohis bomb set whilst surf testing our Latest Mesh Bikini Collection. Photo by Richard Kotch


Below we have outlined 14 of our top recommendations to help you push your limits effectively. 


  1. Be smart about it. Take the time to assess the conditions in detail before paddling out.

  2. Identify the flow of the sets so you can be in tune with the ocean.

  3. Know exactly where you want to sit to catch the waves you want.

  4. Examine how the water is moving on the bank or reef so you can work out the best place to paddle out from.

  5. Identify where your exit point out of the surf is. For example the channel or lagoon if surfing a reef break.

  6. Put yourself in the mindset of being challenged and pushing your limits. However, you should also have a game plan for what you are going to do if you get into trouble - eg snapped leg rope/board.



  1. Make sure you have a more experienced buddy with you to give you support and encouragement plus help position yourself in the right spot to catch the waves you want. This is a must do if you are seriously pushing your limits out there.

  1. Be physically prepared. Make sure you have plenty of energy, hydrated and well rested. Remember to breathe out there and enjoy it.

  1. It’s the hardest discipline to master but If you wipe out remember to relax. People get into trouble when they panic underwater and expel all their energy and oxygen.

  1. If you’re confident in your bikini staying on when you wipe out. Simply place your arms over your head to protect yourself and go with the flow.
  1. Ensure your equipment is up to date and adapted to the conditions. For example make sure your leg rope isn’t going to break, go a size thicker if needed and double check that your fins are screwed in tight.

  2. Get a surf bikini that fits tight. We recommend wearing a size down so  you don't end up flashing everone on the beach ;) 
  3. Make sure your board has enough volume and more length. A board that is a little heavier with a rounded pin will give you more stability and speed plus it will increase your paddle power.

  4. Take the time to ensure your board has a really grippy wax job on it so you don't slip right off your board in a steep takeoff!


You will be surprised at how much you can push your limits and the size of the waves you are surfing so Girls get out there and surf hard!!!  And remember to have fun :)

Stay safe,

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