12 Brutally Honest Answers To Your Questions About Brazilian Bikinis

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The most controversial questions about Brazilian bikinis answered in a no-bullshit Q&A. Read on!

1. Can Every Girl Wear A Brazilian Bikini?

NO - Only girls who feel truly confident can pull off this bikini style. If you don't feel 100% confident about your body or don't feel mentally and emotionally strong, rocking a cheeky bikini at the beach will prove to be quite challenging and not particularly enjoyable.


2. Will I Look Hotter In A Brazilian Cut Bikini? 

YES - Brazilian cut bottoms are way more flattering for the bum than regular bikini bottoms that for the most part look and feel saggy. 

There will always be haters who say that Brazilian cuts are slutty, but most people agree that Brazilian bikinis offer a better fit and sexier look, regardless of your body shape. See for yourself below.


brazilian_bikini_comparison-000854-edited.pngPic: A Bikini A Day 


3. Why Are Skimpy Bikinis So Popular?

There are 3 main reasons for that:  minimal tan lines, better fit and sexy look. 



4. Do I Need To Get A Brazilian Bikini Wax ? 

YES - When it comes to cheeky bottoms the less hair the better. I don't recommend going any bigger than the Brazilian Triangle or you'll run the risk of having pubes stick out of your bikini bottoms!




5. Do I Need To Lose Weight Before Rocking My Brazilian Bikini?

IN MOST CASES, YES - Let's be honest here, if you're going to be showing off your body in a cheeky bikini, you want to make sure you look your absolute best.  Don't get me wrong though, losing weight doesn't mean  losing 10kg, it means losing the extra kgs you might have put on binge-eating at work and getting back to your healthier and fitter self.

At the end of the day, we all have cellulite and stretch marks, so it's all about building up confidence and putting ourselves in the right headspace to be able to let go of those stupid concerns we all have about our body.



6. Why Don't A Lot Of Women Wear Brazilian Style Bikinis?

Women don't wear Brazilian bikinis for two main reasons:  they either don't like the style or they love it but lack the confidence to pull it off. 

For more details, check out the answer I posted on Quora below.



7. Will I Be Judged If I Wear Revealing Swimwear? 

IT IS VERY LIKELY -  You would think that in 2017 women could wear whatever they want wherever they want but sadly it's not the case. There is still a lot of stigma on female outfits - especially outfits that show a lot of skin - so be prepared to raise a few eyebrows and learn how to ignore them.

See Question 8 for recommendations on where to wear your Brazilian bikini.


8. Will I Get Lots Of Male Attention ? 

YES - Let's face it, Brazilian cut bottoms are super sexy and still a bit of a novelty in most countries so you will definitely get some looks from men and you can't blame them for that!

In saying that, wearing a cheeky bikini requires the right attitude so avoid behaving in a sexual way or it will get you unwanted attention. 


9. Where Can I Wear Brazilian Bikinis Without Feeling Out Of Place?

Bikini cultures vary from one region to another and it's good to know what to expect before rocking your Brazilian cut bottoms in different parts of the world. For more info, watch the video below or check out our article  Where In The World Can You Wear Cheeky Bikinis


10. Is It Appropriate For Teenagers To Wear Cheeky Bikinis?

IT DEPENDS... on the teen's level of maturity and understanding of their own sexuality. Teenage girls must understand that wearing sexy revealing swimwear might provoke reactions from the opposite sex (looks, stares, comments...) and must have the maturity and confidence to deal with these kind of reactions.

Teenage girls shoud never wear a cheeky bikini  in a sexual way or for the wrong motives (attracting attention) but only because they like the advantages of this type of cut - no tan lines, better fit, trendy. 


11. What Are The Best Brazilian Bikini Brands?

> If you are after a simple, sexy and functional bikini to wear at the beach, for surfing or any other intense water activities, we've got what you need! Check out our KALOEA bikini range at www.kaloea.com

> For really cool and colourful patterns, I recommend Hawaiian bikini brands Kaikini and San Lorenzo.

> Mikoh makes classy, elegant and sophisticated cheeky bikinis that are not too revealing but quite expensive. 

> For super racy bottoms, Minimal Animale or Coulbourne.


12. What If My Boyfriend Doesn't Want Me To Wear A Cheeky Bathing Suit?

First of all, you need figure out how he feels about you wearing a cheeky bikini. Is he jealous?  Embarrassed? Angry? Then try and understand his point of view so you can better handle his objections. Maybe he needs reassurance? Or maybe you're acting a little too flirty when you're at the beach with your girlfriends?

Whatever it is, talk it out and try and find a compromise that makes you both happy.

If he's strongly opposed to you wearing a Brazilian bikini, then I'm afraid it's time for you to look for a new boyfriend... 


Hope you find these answers useful! If you have any other questions you'd like me to include in this blog post, please feel free to email them at info@kaloea.com

See you girls at the beach! 


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